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WUI - Capturing nature in its purist form

One of the things that really drives us at WUI Productions is the ability to capture and share the elements of nature around us, and to share it in way that highlights natures beauty in its purist form.

When we started making films at WUI, we had a desire to create films that focus on environmental conservation and to educate people on important matters and stories in and around our natural world.

These films generally take a more science-based look in these worlds and examine those issues through research and data. But there's always more layers to these stories than what we're able to include in these films, and sometimes that means just taking a step back and sharing how beautiful our natural world is.

The two videos featured in this post were both captured in the many natural areas found around Fort Collins to highlight that there are some incredibly scenic and pleasing natural sights to be seen, even in a bustling urban city in Northern Colorado.

We'll continue to create these short films as we explore the areas around us and as we travel to new places around Colorado and beyond to share their beauty with you.

If you like these videos and want to see more as we produce them, or if you have any suggestions for new nature videos, please give us a follow on our YouTube page, or any of our other social media channels.

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