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Eric is the director for Lasting Embers. He is a filmmaker that loves to collaborate with the team to find the perfect shot. Eric's passion lies in environmental communication and sees Lasting Embers as a great launchpad for future environmental films.


Forbes is a Colorado native, so finding the lasting embers of Colorado burning was a mission to give light to the issues facing his home state.

Zach Bermejo Production Specialist Lasting Embers



Originally from New York, Matthew moved to Colorado in late 2013 to seek a fresh start in his surroundings and find new passions in life. Shortly after relocating, he decided to retire from his first profession of nearly 16 years working in alternative medicine and fitness and return to school.

Since childhood, Matthew has held an affinity for animals, wildlife, and the great outdoors. When researching programs for a new degree and career for his future, he found a two-year degree at Front Range Community College for Wildlife, f\Forestry and Natural Resource Management. He quickly applied and began studying the things he is so passionate about.

Two years later at the urging of professors, Matthew enrolled at Colorado State University to study Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management. One year later, and due to a growing interest in photography and communications, he decided to switch majors to journalism and media communication. He would later graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Media Communication from Colorado State University in December 2019.

Currently, Matthew is enrolled in the Master of Science degree program for Journalism and Media Communications at CSU. He is learning to research and communicate scientific information to better share important and critical environmental issues to the public focusing on documentary filmmaking.

Matthew currently lives in Fort Collins, Colo., and in his free time enjoys wildlife and landscape photography. His future aspirations are to be an environmental and conservation communicator and photojournalist and to produce environmental and conservation-based documentary films.

Olivia Palizzi Production and Research Assistant Lasting Embers



Zach is a Colorado local with a production background in news, corporate video, and independent filmmaking. His topics of interest include the social and environmental issues impacting the greater Rocky Mountain region.



Olivia is the only undergraduate student currently on the WUI Production team. She is in her senior year pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies with a Minor in Music, Stage, and Sports Production. 

Having grown up in Denver, Colorado, she is passionate about conserving and protecting the ecosystems found within the Rocky Mountains, the front range, and the eastern plains of the state.  Lasting Embers is her chance to share that passion with others and make an impact in her community. 

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